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Psychiatry treatment

Jamal Nickles is a 15-year-old African American male who lives with his father and one younger sister, age 10. His father comes with him to the appointment with you.
Jamal attends a high school where there was a mass shooting three months ago. He presents with worry, significant muscle tension, poor concentration, and periods of anger. He states he is worried that another shooting is going to occur. His school performance has declined slightly. Jamal reports this is because he is always on alert for another shooter so he can’t concentrate.
In addition, Jamal lost his mother to breast cancer two years ago.
Answer the following questions from your perspective as his psychiatric nurse practitioner.
1. Identify a possible diagnosis and provide evidence to support it.
2. Identify one pharmacological intervention and one non-pharmacological intervention you could recommend to help Jamal.
3. Jamal’s father suggests that you present a brief educational program to the Parent/Teacher/Student Association at their next meeting. Identify a possible topic and a brief topical outline for the program.
4. Identify one resource for parents in your community related to school violence. Why do you think this resource would be helpful? Please provide a link, if available.

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