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PS208 – Human and State Security

PS208 – Human and State Security

Answer all the followings:


  • Define Human and State Security.
  • Look inside your community, state (YOU CAN WRITE ABOUT TENNESSEE), and nation (Or UNITED STATES), and identify one threat to human security and one security threat to state security.
  • Summarize aspects from political conversation and budgets allocated to securitize the threats.
  • Are both threats securitized?
  • In what sector and with what number (amount) of sources?



Submission Requirements:

  • Format: Microsoft Word APA STYLE
  • Font: Times New Roman, 12-point, Double-spaced
  • Citation Style: APA
  • Length: 2 pages (550 words)

Dear writer,

This is a two-page essay format assignment (550 words = Two pages).

Also, Paragraphs titles, pictures, diagrams, in-text citations are not counted as word count.  Please provide a proper citation provided to you at the bottom of this page (just copy and paste it). Check punctuations, spelling, grammar, and avoid using repeat words.  If you use other resource, please provide proper citation.

Links for your topic: Definition of Human Security


Links for your topic: Definition of State Security