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Protection of Civil Liberties

Image of Sen. Diane Feinstein talking with Sen. Ted Stevens.Image of Sen. Diane Feinstein talking with Sen. Ted Stevens.In this module we are examining the purpose of Intelligence Oversight (IO). We noted that without oversight, the Intelligence Community ran autonomously from our constitutional checks on power. During this time the intelligence community conducted operations that astounded and angered Americans when these actions were made public. An ongoing discussion in the United States is that the Intelligence Community continues to violate citizen’s civil liberties. The opposing view is that Intelligence Oversight (IO) hinders the Intelligence Community’s ability to safeguard national security. This activity will continue this discussion in our course.

Make sure to validate your answer with required readings. You may also use other sources to strengthen your answer.

The module learning outcomes addressed in this activity are:
•Assess the need of Intelligence Oversight in a free society (CO #3)
•Evaluate the risk versus benefit of placing oversight limitations on intelligence capabilities (CO #

After Completing the assigned readings for the module, please respond to the following questions in your initial post:
1. Is Intelligence Oversight (IO) a requirement to protect civil liberties or a hindrance to Intelligence operations? Using the USA PATRIOT Act as an example, discuss whether or not you feel the legislation gives too much power to the IC, is the legislation exactly what is required, or did the legislation not go far enough to give the IC what it needs to safeguard national security?
2. After you indicate your position on this issue, support that position with details from the readings or independent research.

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