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Property Analysis and Portfolio Management

Property Analysis and Portfolio Management

Your answer must provide a substantial appraisal of a financial portfolio investment demonstrating how the investment choice will perform during the time you wish to prescribe to the project, changes that might occur over time, along a justification which critically evaluates the financial strategy and its implementation and outcomes over the life period of the project.

You are presented with a report on a portfolio of potential real estate investments which has evaluated the proposal of venture capital investment in the UK. Owing to the nature of this investment, the investor needs to be clarified of the potential financial success of the investment based on the details presented in the report.

The basis of this investment is centred on capital gain rather than revenue/income prospect. The venture capitalist, however, has to have your assurance that the strategic investment is sound and that the location and the type of investment are crucial to a successful investment.

Using qualitative and/or quantitative evaluation you are required to analyse the report in detail using the points below which were drafted by the managing director of the company representing the interest of the venture capitalist.

You are required to write a full report providing answers to the points given below in no more than 2,000 words of discussion and evaluation, in WORD format, with citations in Harvard style, bibliography reference, and full appendix providing details of all calculations carried out to back up the report.

25% of the total marks for each of the areas above.
The marks will focus on the following:
Formulation of an appropriate, robust and fully reasoned strategy with clear accounting for financial issues.
Correct analysis and interpretation of data, appropriate application of chosen financial appraisal methods.
Critical review of the outcomes including an analysis of performance and identification of measures resulting / guided by strategic financial decisions.
Presentation, structure and coherence of written academic quality and summary/conclusions

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