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Propaganda during the French Revolution paper

Looking at the French Revolution. Analyze the propaganda during this period (1788-1791).
This is a 10 page, double spaced, 12 font times new roman. Please use page 145-158 of the attached PDF book. Also incorporate 3 other sources please (online or book form). THE PAPER SHOULD ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS
1. What is the context for this case study? (Time, place, circumstances, key people involved)
2. Who are the persuaders? (Names the main ones. How did they establish their credibility and ethos)
3. What are the central messages sent? (Be specific. Use the Mythic or Maslow method. How did their message fit on the Maslow hierarchy of needs)
4. Who were the target audiences? (Be specific. Use the Aristotle Model.)
5. What were the persuaders’ goals? (Be specific.)
6. What medium (media) of communication was (were) used to convey the messages? (Use oral-aural, visual, ritual, writing, printing, graphics, electronic, cybernetic, etc.)
7. What were the results of the persuasion? (Provide specifics.)
8. Were the expected goals achieved?
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