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Project Plan

Project Plan
prepare a Project Plan for this particular project which identifies all the information required to enable management to make an informed decision to release funds and authorise commencement of works.

Coursework Assignment
General Instructions
This is a group assignment and is to be carried out in your project teams. If you are in any way unsure of the requirements, please contact the module co-ordinator.
Assessment for the module comprises the 2 parts:
Component 1 Business Case & Poster Presentation
Component 2 Project Plan

Assessment Latest submission Time/date Word count Weighting Learning outcomes
Business Case& Poster Presentation 6 November 2015 40% 1, 3

Project Plan 18 December2015 (1pm) 4500
(+or – 10%) 60% 1, 2, 3, 4

Submission details
Please note that the completed report is to be submitted via the appropriate channels. Before submitting the work, students should check through it to ensure that:
? All material that has been identified as originally from previously published sources has been properly attributed by the inclusion of an appropriate reference in the text.
? Direct quotations are marked as such (using “quotation marks” at the beginning and end of the selected text), and should not be used extensively.

Report Format
This is an applied piece of work. You will have a lot of data, tables and diagrams for example your risk matrix, WBS and project plan these can be included in your appendices. However you must discuss all of the elements in the project brief in the body of your report concentrating on the key issues you have identified and the appendices should be used to provide an expansion of the information that you outline in the main body of your report. The appendices must be given a number and cited within the text in order of their relevance. The assignment details provide a breakdown of marks, which should also be used as a guideline for word length of the individual sections.
Note: The “General Studies Area” in CampusMoodle offers, a rich variety of useful information including; sourcing journal articles and key texts from the library catalogue, report writing and how to use the Harvard referencing convention. You are encouraged to use this as your first point of call when sourcing information, or seeking guidance for a specific aspect of constructing your coursework.There is also a list of relevant journal titles in your Study Guide, which you are encouragedto investigate.

Structure and Presentation
Font size 11 (Verdana), justified, with margins written on both sides of A4 paper.
Title page to include the Module title, Module reference number and word count of the main body of the finished report.

Contents page; set out the structure of the report by producing appropriate headings and subheadings which reflect the different sections. Provide page numbers.Provide an executive summary (no more than one page).
The word count excludes the title page, contents page, executive summary, reference list and appendices. The assignment is to be written in the format of a Management Report.
Your report should apply theory, models and frameworks drawn from the taught elements of the module. It should also include your own research from relevant sources.
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Component 1 Project Selection 40%

Business Case and Poster Presentation

Your project team has been appointed to create a Business Case for a student facility or service for implementation as part of the ‘Vibrant Campus Community’ initiative to further enhance the student experience on the Garthdee campus.

You must consider at least 2 potential options for appraisal before creating a Business Case for the selected solution. The Business Case should incorporate key elements such as rationale for the project, project scope, benefits & risks, indicative schedule and budget as well as investment appraisal and success criteria.
(75% of the mark for this component)

You are also required to create a marketing poster (A3 in size) which best conveys your idea which will form part of an exhibition within the Aberdeen Business School. This should be supported by a maximum 5-minute presentation.
(25% of the mark for this component)
Component 2 Project Planning 60%

Project Plan

You are required to prepare aProject Planfor this particular projectwhich identifies all the information required to enable management to make an informed decision to release funds and authorise commencement of works.
Report Requirements
Drawing on all your studies to date together with your own research you are required, as a project team, to prepare a Project Plan for your chosen project option. This plan should consist of the following components with a word count of 4,500 (+/- 10%):
1. An introduction section should provide the background to and rationale for the project. You must also present a clear project scope and identify the key deliverables mapped to the relevant project phase. Ensure that you identify any assumptions or constraints that impact on your project plan, the key objectives as well as the Critical Success Factors and Success Criteria.
(15% of the mark for this component)

2. Your planmust include a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and a ‘project schedule’ (Gantt chart). You should discuss your approach to the planning of the project and how the project will be phased in its delivery identifying the tasks that will be undertaken in line with the project lifecycle. You need to discuss the relationship between cost, time, quality, scope and risk and the trade-offs and interaction between these variables.
(15% of the mark for this component)

3. A comprehensive evaluation of identified risks for this project which considers their likelihood and potential impact, together with risk responses to reduce or eliminate these risks. The risk assessment should also identify the residual risk post-mitigation. You should consider risks by category, for example (but not limited to), construction, supply chain, stakeholder, resources.
(20% of the mark for this component)

4. A stakeholder Analysis should also be conducted and a communication plan suggested, taking into account stakeholder attitude as well as interest and power.
(10% of the mark for this component)

5. Establish and evaluate the change management procedures and processes that will be used on this project to address change requests.
(10% of the mark for this component)

6. Your plan should also consider and establish aproject closeout process, detailing the key stages of this final phase.
(10% of the mark for this component)
Please note that of the remaining 20% of the mark for this component:

10% will be awarded on the basis of the calibre of the presentation, the structure and the grammar/spelling of your report.

10% will be awarded on the basisof relevance, breadth and depth of referencing. You should aim to include no less than 15 appropriate references from texts and journal articles cited in the text. The Harvard referencing conventions should be followed.
• Use appendices (which are not included in the word length) to provide additional supporting data, analytical tables, WBS, Gantt etc. and ensure that these are given a number and cited within the text in order of their relevance.

• You will also need to provide evidence of contribution to both components in order to justify your grade.This will be supported by minutes from project team meetings.

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