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project management plan

project management planJustifying a project requires more than expressing the desired goal/outcome of your project (or just listing deliverables). You needed a bit more explanation for how project benefits can outweigh the project costs. This may be difficult at this point in project planning but it would be interesting (if feasible) to quantify how the benefits outweigh the costs (breakeven/payback etc.)

Your Business Objectives are too ‘low level’ and read more like Project level objectives or quality assurance processes. Business objectives are generally associated with a ‘strategy’ ex: Business Objective = increase profitability or increase revenues or increase market share. Business goals usually have a criteria by which success can be measured = profits increase $1 million or market share increase from 5% to 15%.

Your business goals read more like potential benefits of adhering to quality assurance processes.

Project Objectives are specific measurable deliverables (of a project) that should tie directly to business objectives. Some of your deliverables read like steps needed to develop actual project level deliverables…not the objectives themselves. For example “Let native Asian hair stylist talk to the architect. Might need language support.” And “Get each project objective done on schedule” are steps/processes, not objectives. Not a bad list of steps but your project objectives should be the list of products/services/processes/improvements your project will create and deliver. (I.e. what products/services/reports, etc. is your project actually going to create or build?) Think of project objectives in terms of things that will need ‘requirements’ to fully define. (Next week you will need to develop high level ‘requirements’ for each of your project objectives) So….What is your project going to deliver? (ex: fund raising campaign, salon design, build out, hiring, training, what else?)

You will need to review/refine your project objectives before you create requirements next week!

Benefits list is not robust enough and needs more work. You need to define the benefits each objective brings to the project….i.e. explain why you are producing each of your deliverables.

Good success criteria.


complete Section 3 of the Project Management Plan Template
Based on PPT chapter 4

Complete section 4 and 5 (Scope Description, Work Breakdown Structure and Milestone Schedule of Deliverables) of the Project Management Plan
Based on PPT chapter 5

totally from section 1 – 5 leave the rest blank.

correct all the grimmer problem in section1.

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