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Project Information Security Problem Identification

Development Analysis, and Discussion:

Project Design with Focus on Business Continuity summarize the results of Project Phase 1, 2, and 3. Each correlated project summary will
highlight key elements of the assignment in order to display a comprehensive and cohesive
discussion of the identified problem identification in the wake of development of an information
security plan by course end. Assignment summaries are cumulative. Threads must discuss the
implications of each project phase, be at least 500 words (excluding the diagram), include at least
2 scholarly citations, and follow current APA formatting.

Project summaries must include the following:
· A summary of the project phase requirements
· The most important concepts of the project
· The project summary is captivating and vivid
o A consistent and unique theme exists
o The message is articulated clearly from introduction to conclusion
o Information flows from section to section