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Project Evaluation

Refection Page:

In 300-500 words, describe the evolution of your project in relation to the course by answering the following questions in whatever order most clearly expresses your thoughts.

This page should be written in a thoughtful tone, in 1-3 paragraphs, using the first person (using ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘my’, and ‘mine’ are fine, in other words).

Respond to these questions in your Reflection Page:

i. How did your solution arise out of your research? In other words, in what specific ways does your solution respond to knowledge you gained about your particular region through your research?
ii. How do you think your creation can contribute in some meaningful way to a solution?
iii. How was your solution/creative process affected by engagement with and feedback from your project groupmates?
iv. What challenges did you face in creating your solution and how did you overcome them?
v. Name one concept that we studied in the WLDC202 course that relates to your solution in some way and explain the connection you see between them. (For example, any of Appadurai’s scapes, the challenges/opportunities of digital culture, jugaad innovation, consumerism, edutainment, globalization and economic exploitation, the ethics of globalization, etc.)

Individual Case Assignment Guideline

The Main Purpose

The purpose of the individual case assignment is to apply theory to practice and identify relevant information to better understand the strategic challenges facing the firm (learning outcomes (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e) as detailed on page 2 of syllabus).

Case: Wendy’s International Expansion

Prepare a brief international strategy analysis report to Wendy’s CEO Todd Penegor outlining the international strategies that Wendy’s management needs to adopt in order to compete in the global market and the actions you think Todd Penegor should initiate to steer Wendy’s into the emerging markets.
Your report should contain detailed and convincing reasons in support of each one of your recommendations. It is imperative that the support offered for each of your recommendation be based on:
 The application of the concepts and analytical tools discussed in Session 3 (External
Environment Analysis) and Session 4 (Emerging Market Economies);
 The content of Session 7 (FDI and entry modes) and Session 11 (Managing Local Operations) regarding international entering and operation strategies that may be suitable for Wendy’s in building a stronger competitive position in the global fast food industry.


Individual case assignment will account for 15% of the total grade. The individual paper will focus on the assigned case text. You will need to answer assigned questions. The case analysis report must be written individually. No collaboration is permitted for the individual case
assignment. Quality of analysis AND originality of ideas are the key determinants of the grade.
Do not conduct “outside” research for the case analysis. Pretend that you are facing exactly the same situation and information presented in the assigned case text.

Recommendation on Individual Case Assignment Structure

Here’s an overview of the main sections of your paper:
(a) Introduction and key issues: very briefly introduce the case (couple of sentences) and then outline or briefly discuss the key international expansion issues facing the company AT THE TIME OF THE CASE (this should be one paragraph or two).
Please note that you should place yourself at the time of the case and pretend that you are there!
Don’t use any info that you now know and don’t use outside research. The case info may be incomplete or ambiguous – use your skill as an analyst to do the best you can with the limited info at hand!

(b) Environment Analysis:

 CAGE framework to analyze the countries listed in the case
 Industry and Competitor Analysis
Provide an analysis of the company’s external and internal situation/environments, using the frameworks and material in the textbook.

(d) Recommendations:

Select from the alternatives you provided – tell us what the best course of action is and how it may be implemented. Make sure:

(a) your recommendations flow logically from the key issues and environment analysis; and

(b) they are comprehensive (cover the main issues well.)

(e) Action Plan:

MGMT 4488 Individual Case Assignment Page 3 of 3

Specify the actions plan you would like Wendy’s to adopt. Discuss specific changes (e.g., with related to product, price, and promotion) you would like Wendy’s to make if you decide Wendy’s should adapt to the local environment (based on your environment analysis).

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