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Progress report- white paper

The objective of this assignment is to develop the first half of your full White Paper regarding your problem and proposed solutions.
Your Solutions Progress Report will take the form of the beginning sections of a White Paper

Keeping your audience in mind, begin a persuasive White Paper to include:

Highlight the problem you are researching and the impact on the current environment. (your business, group etc.) (Spend approximately 15% of your time on this section)
Identify the research that has been concluded at this time to uncover the root causes of the problem and to clarify the scope of the problem. What have you learned about the problem. (who are you involving in the discovery of the real problem, what conclusions are you drawing as to the real nature of the problem.) (Spend approximately 60% of your time on this section)
Outline your next steps in research and the generation of possible solutions. (Provide the reader with what additional information you need to gain, as well as, how you might start to generate a list of solutions and who would be involved in that process with you.) ( (Spend approximately 25% of your time on this section.)
Be sure conclude this document with a summary statement so the reader knows to expect a full report within a time frame.
Specific Notes:

This assignment will take more thinking time than writing time. It requires you to begin the actual research, data gathering and discussions with impacted parties establish the scope and perimeters of the solution.

You are not yet ready to present a solution or an implementation plan for a solution. You should still be in fact finding mode.

This portion of the White Paper section will most likely end up somewhere between 3-5 pages. Since it is White Paper format, you can embed charts and/or graphs directly into the document. Be very careful with citations and include a reference paper at the end of the document.

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