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progress report paper

Paper 5: Report on Progress of Final Report (10%)
Develop and present to Dr. Clark a detailed 500-word progress report (in business memo format) describing (1) the progress you have made, (2) challenges yet to be overcome, and (3) the remaining steps you need to take before your researched final proposal (Paper 6) is completely developed and submitted.
Include a timeline in Gantt Chart format.
Include an annotated bibliography containing at least ten possible sources you have found (can contain some of the same sources you submitted to the Week 4 discussion, but should also include other sources you have found since then).
Make your own headings –ex. Introduction, Progress Made, Challenges, Remaining Steps, Conclusion, etc.
NOTE: Do not spend too much time on this assignment, but follow the instructions carefully. It’s just a brief memo to me so I can have an idea on what you’ve done so far, how much you still need to do, and what, if any, difficulties you may be experiencing. Of course, though, you should format correctly for aesthetics and readability, and proofread carefully for clarity, correctness, and conciseness.

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