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Programming –Minguinho Lotto

Market Minguinho, which is familiar to everyone at Sungkyunkwan University, is starting to
sell not only goods but Minguinho Lotto (not Nanum Lotto) since October this year.
Minguinho Lotto is a lottery ticket whose playing rules as follows:
1. Choose how many lines to play; you can play up to five lines of numbers on a play slip
2. Simply select six numbers from 1 ~ 45 or pick Lucky Dip for a random selection in a line
(semi-automatic is what select a few numbers and pick Lucky Dip for remain numbers)
3. Then, match all six numbers to win the jackpot from draw
The first prize – six numbers matching
The second prize – five numbers matching
The third prize – four numbers matching
The fourth prize – three numbers matching
The purpose of the second assignment is making a program which simulates to buy
Minguinho Lotto from Minguinho and to draw the Lotto on a play slip.
1) If you run the program, enter the number of lines to play.
2) Select six numbers from 1 ~ 45 by one way of [Auto], [Semi-Auto], [Manual] in a line.
3) Then, print number of lines (e.g. A, B, C, D, E), the way and the numbers, cumulatively.
4) Finally, if select “draw” menu, select six lottery numbers by random and print the numbers.
5) Match the numbers of your Lotto with the lottery numbers and print matched numbers
line by line.

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