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Professional Organizations in Counseling and You

If you have not already done so, complete the activity, Research Professional Counseling Organizations and Competencies, in this unit’s studies. Then, in your post, address the following:

Describe one division of the ACA that interests you. Include the cost of joining, membership benefits, activities, services to members, and current issues.
Post your ACA region and the link for your state counseling association. What is the cost for you to join and be a member of these associations?
Provide the necessary requirements for your entrance into the Chi Sigma Iota honor society. After reviewing Capella’s Chi Sigma Iota Chapter Web site, what benefits do you see? Are you interested in joining when you are eligible?
What benefits do you see in belonging to one or more of the counseling profession’s associations for your future practice?

Let the Cat Out of the Bag. What outside resource (image, video, recipe, or web resource) best reflects one of your cultural experiences? For example, this could be a festival, a recipe, or something else. Get creative and show us something about who you are. How does the resource relate to your cultural heritage?