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Professional and Ethical Dilemmas

Paper instructions:
Assignment 16

Choose a major topic within the text and thoroughly research the topic. Using your opinion and experiences, develop a new extended concept on the selected topic. The selected topic is “Professional and Ethical Dilemmas.” Must have considerable research to provide a different conceptual position. The development of this topic should include a chronological discussion of the topic evolution and provide the rationale for the extension of the new theories you wish to extend.

The paper should have hypotheses that can be qualitatively defined and suggested quantitatively support. Your articles selections must be presented with bibliographic details and support your theoretical proposal. You should be utilizing the internet or library system, and any outside source available.
The topic selected: Professional and Ethical Dilemmas

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The UAE’s Global Strategic Outlook


The UAE through its efforts developed several strategies to support its overall economic and social position and vary its national income based on a maintainable and knowledge-based economy.
The Report provides an overview of UAE Global strategic outlook in conformance with vision 2030 that seeks adapt to the millennium development goals. Based on the strategic review, UAE has developed various strategies that seek to make the country a global hub that is at par with the industrialized world.

The UAE 2030 Strategy has focused on eight key sectors one of which fostering development within as well as between the security establishment, industry, and academic institutions through formal mechanisms positioned strategically in order to have connexions at multiple layers.

Key Judgments

Based on global strategic outlook of UAE, it can be judged that;

  1. The UAE’s global strategic outlook for 2030 seeks to build a knowledge-based economy that is not reliant on oil reserves as its key source of revenue for GDP economy.
  2. The UAE’s global strategy for 2030 seeks to develop an open and integrated economy capable of attracting investors from across the globe.
  3. UAE has embarked on implementing its global strategies towards realizing vision 2030.
  4. By implementing Dubai Autonomous Transportation Strategy, the government seeks to achieve production efficiencies through reduction in wasted time in traffic congestion besides reducing the number of deaths attributed to road accidents.
  5. Production of defense vehicles and equipment’s that compete internationally.

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