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Producing and Interpreting Descriptive Statistics

Producing and Interpreting Descriptive StatisticsProducing and Interpreting Descriptive Statistics

For this practical application assignment, you will download five years of daily adjusted closing price and volume data from Yahoo Finance, I will provide this.

Calculate the mean, median, mode, range, and standard deviation of the adjusted daily closing price for this stock. Interpret these statistics and discuss their
relevance. Is the mode useful? Why or why not?
Produce a histogram for the adjusted daily closing price. Be sure you have enough bins, so that you can see the shape of the data. Describe the shape of the data. What
does this tell you about the stock?
Produce a boxplot for the adjusted daily closing price. Interpret it, and discusses results in support of decision making related to a business problem. Note: this may
be problematic for some of you who are using Excel. You may produce it manually if you cannot generate it automatically.
Produce a time plot (scatter plot) of the closing date versus the stock price. How has the stock trended over time? Are there patterns?
Summarize what descriptive analysis revealed about the adjusted daily closing stock price.

APA Style and Format.

You must submit two documents. First, you must compile all of your answers in a Microsoft Word file, pasting in the tables and graphics you created to demonstrate your
work (submitted as a .docx file). Second, you must upload the raw data (as a .csv file) that you used to do your analysis for the purposes of instructor replication.
Failure to upload the second file will result in a score of zero on the assignment until the file is submitted.

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