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Process Evaluation Plan

Use the evaluation plan worksheet to help guide your detailed
description of your process evaluation on a community mental health agency parental training program


Your process evaluation
should include:

What process evaluation
question(s) will you ask (this is an evaluation question about your program)?
Refer to my PowerPoint on process evaluation for examples of process evaluation

• Questions
that can be asked:

• What is the program’s background?

• What is the program’s client profile?

• What is the program’s staff profile?

• What is the amount/types of services provided to


• What administrative supports are in place?

• How satisfied are the stakeholders?

• How efficient is the program?

• Are
clients satisfied with services?

• What are the services/treatments provided?

• How much time are workers spending with


• To what extent is data being collected and

forms completed?

• Are the treatment needs identified in the

assessment being followed through on in


• How does what we are doing compare to our

logic model? (Program fidelity)

• How much supervision are workers receiving?

• What administrative supports are in place to

assist workers with doing their jobs?

• How is funding being spent?

• From where are referrals coming?

• Is one service location being used more than


• What is the program staff’s profile? How does

staff profile compare to population?

• How much time do staff spend on travel and


How will you know the
answers to those questions? What are your indicators? (ex. Level of
satisfaction reported on a satisfaction survey would be how you would answer
the question, “Are clients satisfied with services received?”)

Where will you get the
data needed to answer those questions? Provide a copy of created tools or data
collection instruments. This means you must create whatever data collection
tool you intend to use. Include it in the paper in whatever format it would be
given to the client or included in a file.