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Principles and Practices Module

Marketing: Principles and Practices Module
Mid-Module Assignment (Part 1&2)

Part 1: Create an assignment outline/plan

1. Study the assignment very well. Go through the tutor instructions within the below URL. It is important to guide you through how you need to write the assignment. Kindly, takes notes and assure you cover the whole aspect of the video below.–?continueMode=true

(Start time of Mid-Module assignment discussion is at: 10:15 minutes – 27 minutes)

2. Write an outline / plan NOT a draft. Basically, choose a two stories (mention them), use head-titles and “maybe” 1 sentence below describing what you’re plan to cover in each head-titles. Some head titles will need no further explanations. Please make it short, as a “plan” of how you are outlining/organizing your assignment. Do not write a lot or create draft as the tutor will refuse to give suggestions and agrees on stories.

3. After I receive the outline, I’ll share it with my tutor whom will provide notes, suggestions, comments etc.. Wait until I share with you the tutor comments on your outline and approval of the stories, you can then continue and start the actual assignment. (Usually it takes tutor 48 to reply).

Writing the Assignment.

1. 2800 words. Stick with word count.
2. Plarigism free. Out university provide us with Turtirn detector to submit assignment before submission. Order must be zero palarigized.
3. 28-32 References required. (only reliable sources)
4. Only Harvard formatting for referencing (Guide attached).
o URL and access dates are required within Harvard referencing.

 Examples:
 Peters, M.A., (2017). Technological unemployment: Educating for the fourth industrial revolution. Journal of Self-Governance and Management Economics, 5(1), pp.25-33. Available from: [Accessed 15 Feb. 2020].

 Morrar, R., Arman, H. and Mousa, S., (2017). The fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0): A social innovation perspective. Technology Innovation Management Review, 7(11), pp.12-20. Available from: [Accessed 15 Feb. 2020].

5. Unit readings are attached FYI. You might use it as references as well.
Find two separate published marketing news stories, from different reputable sources, concerning different brands/organisations and on different aspects of marketing. The stories should be dated on or after 1 May 2016.
Discuss and analyse the stories using appropriate marketing terminology, definitions and concepts, and applying marketing frameworks, tools etc. if/where relevant. The analysis should be your own, not simply reproducing analysis contained within the news stories. You should limit your analysis to no more than three main aspects of the story.
The word count is 2500 words (plus or minus 10% allowance). Before each piece of analysis starts you should include a factual ‘Summary of the News Story’ of no more than 150 words. This should simply state the key content of the appended news story, without any personal interpretation or other introductory material, to contextualise for the marker what you are about to write. The 2 x 150 word summaries should not be included in your allowed word count. An Executive Summary of your assignment is not required.
You must include copies of the relevant stories as appendices in your assignment submission, copied & pasted or scanned in. Do not simply include a link to the story. You must submit a single document only.

Important guidance: please read the following:
Structure: You should treat this assignment as, effectively, two separate pieces of analysis of approximately 1250 words each (though they must be combined into a single document). There is no need to compare and contrast the stories with each other.
Sources: The stories may be gleaned from any of a variety of quality sources e.g. broadsheet newspapers, marketing magazines or websites, business magazines, quality news websites etc. Sources such as blogging sites or companies’ own websites, are not appropriate and you should not use stories pertaining to your own organisation or which have been discussed in any detail in Discussion Forum 2.
Subject matter: Please bear in mind your analysis, and therefore your chosen stories, must be marketing based. The marketing topics discussed may be ones already covered on the module or ones that have not yet been covered. Do not simply use a general business story e.g. a company’s financial results, unless you can identify clear and strong marketing angles.
The stories in question must be marketing news stories i.e. some kind of specific recent news event must have occurred (such as a major product launch, a sponsorship announcement or the start of a price war). General comment or analysis pieces, say on a company’s past strategy or a general interview with a CEO, do not count. The word ‘discuss’ in the assignment requirements indicates that you must look at the stories from a variety of viewpoints.
Marketing content: As each story will be marketing based it is essential that you base your analysis on appropriate marketing theory, using and exploring relevant terminology, definitions, frameworks, models etc. Failure to use relevant concepts from the core text or the lecturecast (or alternative appropriate sources) will be heavily penalised. There must be discussion of the theory and application of a few relevant concepts in depth rather than shallow discussion of a larger number of ideas.
Please do not rely on repeating journalists’ comments, analysis or quotations. Very selective use of others’ material may be appropriate but the assignment is primarily a test of your thinking. The writing style must be academic not journalistic.
Presentation format: this is flexible but it must be neat and professional and carefully spell-checked. Figures and tables must be properly numbered and labelled. Full Harvard referencing must be used. You should supply a separate Reference List and Bibliography for each story. Remember, the ‘Summary of the News Story’ must come at the start.
Word count: You should state the total word count for the assignment on the first page. This word count should exclude the 150 word introduction for each piece, citations and the Reference List, material in Appendices, lists of contents, figures and tables, and any short contents of figures, tables etc. Depth discussion within a table should be counted.