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Preventing Another Episode of Aspiration and Safety

Write up a critical incident from your clinical experience. A critical incident is a situation in which you are involved that requires you to make a decision about what kind of action to take to benefit the patient. It could be a conversation, an event, or an activity you observe. Be concise, but include details to “paint a picture” of the incident so your faculty will see the situation as you did. Remember this must be a specific incident, not a recording of your clinical activities.

Section 2 – Respond
What did you think/feel when you recognized there was a critical situation/event? Describe in detail your feelings and thoughts.

Section 3 – Analyze
List all the actions you considered taking and why you thought about that particular action. Then state which action you chose as the best action (critical decision you made) and why it was the best action to take. Describe what might have happened if you had chosen one of the other actions. Describe here what, if anything, you would change about what was done and why. If you would not change anything, explain why.