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presidential elections of 2000/Margin of Error/Confidence Interval

presidential elections of 2000/Margin of Error/Confidence Interval

Paper details:

Essay – Margin of Error/Confidence Interval

Each writing assignment should be 300 to 400 words in length. Please double space and use a 12-pt font. The submission is expected to be well-written, meeting college level writing standards. As appropriate, cite any sources used in meeting the assignment. Be sure to follow the instructions, providing the information requested and submitting by the indicated due date.
Review a previous election of interest to you. It may be local, state, or national. Review pre-election predictions, specifically the stated margin of error/confidence interval. Briefly discuss the poll source and its methods. Research the actual election results. Interpret the results and discuss how they compare to the predictions. Evaluate the poll statistics. You may want to research a newspaper or magazine source, a political party web site, or even a candidate/official’s web site for this assignment. Be sure to cite all relevant sources.
To summarize, the essay should include:
• Introduction – State specific election (where, when, candidates, etc.)
• Review pre-election predictions – in particular state reported margins of error and the source from which they were provided. Evaluate that source – research their history/reliability, if possible, determine their polling methods and comment on the approach relating to class learning, and consider comparing to another reported margin of error/predictions at the time.
• Report the results, providing specific information about the results for each candidate, their percentages of votes cast, how they compare, etc.
• Compare the results to the predictions and discuss their accuracy and why the predictions were or were not accurate in your opinion based on class learning.
• Conclusion – Briefly summarize your findings and state any conclusions you may reach about polling.
• Citations – make certain that citations are provided appropriately within the essay, as well as providing a works cited page at the end.
did they use sample more than population? What happen? how they predict their outcome? pick a source or two and compare how reliable is the source. Look at results and be analytical.
Item Point Value Score

Identify Election/Intro 2 _____

Pre-election Information:

Margin of Error/Confidence 3 _____
Poll Source & Methods 3 _____
Evaluation/Analysis 3 _____

Election Results:

Actual Percentages 2 _____
Comparison to Polls 2 _____
Evaluation of Polls
in Relation to Results 3 _____

Summary/Conclusion 3 _____


Deadline 2 _____
Length Requirements 2 _____
(Min 300 words)
Citations 2 _____
Writing Quality 3 _____
(Spelling, Grammar, Organization, Etc)

Total 30 _____

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