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presentations 2016

– presentations 2016
Urban aboriginals in Canada Success Stories in
Economic Development in Canada
lots of cases!
Canada and development of Aboriginal Business How Aboriginal Lands affect Economic Development Aboriginal progress in Canada: achievements and problems Success stories in education Violence and its effect on economics of aboriginal people

Quality of Life of Aboriginal People in Canada Quality of Life of Aboriginal People in Canada
There is google cite – cached. Lots of materials. Can give it to you.

First nations Socio economic indicators and sources for revenue generation: case studies.
– Describe different categories of reserves based on socio econ indicators – in the source there is classification!
– Then try to find cases for each group – developed, fragmented reserve etc. try to find funding sources Lecture 7 Governance-funding- slide Socio Economic Indicators AND Revenue generation
“The Strategically Positioned First Nation” – January 1997 – outdated
Funding of reservations through casinos in Canada and US.

Governance of First Nations in Canada Funding of FN in Canada
Social capital and economic well-being of aboriginal peoples Social capital meets identity Aboriginality in an urban setting

The impact of racism on economic conditions of (Canadian) aboriginals (First Nations, etc.) It’s enough to make you sick: the impact of racism on the health of Aboriginal Australians
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health Volume 31, Issue 4, pages 322–329, August 2007
Public policy towards Aboriginal People (for political scientists) I have few references.

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