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Preparing for a Sociological Inventory

Understanding the community is paramount to understanding school and
community relations. Using the school or school district in which you are currently or were most recently employed as your community context:
Re-read the collection of items to consider addressing for a sociological inventory.
Rank the items in order of importance/relevance, using a bulleted list format and placing the most important item at the top of the list.
When you have completed the ranked list, write an email to your school or PLC leadership team, or your school or district school board. Please address the following:
State a (hypothetical) reason for considering a sociological inventory.
Attach your ranked list of items for inclusion in the inventory.
Explain your primary considerations when ranking the items in the draft being provided.
Ask members’ input regarding the ranking of the items.
Write an email your course mentor as if the mentor were a member of the group being asked to review the bulleted list and include the ranked list (Do not email to your instructor).

A sociological inventory is necessary to complete prior to developing a public relations program because it offers essential information administrators need in order to effectively communicate with the public. There are many topics that can make up a sociological inventory. The following list contains topics a sociological inventory should contain, ranked in order of importance and relevance:

-Population characteristics
-Previous community efforts
-Customs and traditions
-Community groups
-Social tensions
–Communication channels
-Economic conditions
-Political structure
The primary considerations when ranking these topics are their simplicity and ease of obtaining the information, the impact they have on being able to effectively communicate, and their influence on the public. How would you rank the provided topics?

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