Preparing an Organization Schedule

You are responsible for Quality Assurance as the Project Manager for the fast-food facility that
you have performed tasks for in your previous project assignment. Provide the following
information as part of your quality assurance planning process:
1. Set up a quality control organization for the project. Prepare an organization chart
showing how the parties fit into the quality control organization for this project.
2. Prepare a simple quality control matrix using the previously completed task list,
schedule of tasks and your quality control organization chart.
3. List the QA/QC documents/files/binders you will use to control the project

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You have started your first job at the structural engineering firm. Your supervisors have given you your first assignment which is expected to take you only a few days. However, they will be observing the quality of your work on this assignment in order to assess your value and determine your future assignments. You are to choose the appropriate beam for the following loading situation and prove your choice is correct.
To impress your supervisors, perform a complete beam design by selecting the most efficient beam. Write a brief report that thoroughly justifies your selection and demonstrates your analysis techniques.

a. Material must be A36 Steel as listed in the text.

b. Factor of Safety for the structure must be 1.5 with respect to yielding in tension or compression and 1.75 with respect to yielding in shear.

Perform a complete prismatic beam design as described in the MCE 2213 course by performing the following steps.

  1. Draw clear and accurate shear and moment diagrams of the beam
  2. Tentatively select a W and S beam based on maximum normal Bending stress.
  3. Check the tentatively selected beams for maximum shear
  4. Identify the locations on the beam where the shear and moment could possibly combine to exceed the allowable stresses.
  5. Perform a structural analysis simulation using MDsolids. Probe the stress at these locations and verify your analytical solution is correct through simulation.

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