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prepare an individual financial analysis report

prepare an individual financial analysis report
1.Your final project guidelines are as follows: Prepare an INDIVIDUAL 8-10 page financial analysis/valuation report on a firm of your choosing. You should perform a historical financial analysis on this firm. You will use that financial analysis to make a 5 year projection of the firm and then value the cash flows from that projection. You should use the work you did on the midterm project as a guide for the financial analysis and use the questions you were asked in the class and what we discussed last week as a guide to build that to a projection. You can also use the UA report I posted as a guide – though I recognize that one is a fairly high bar. You can use the firm you used as part of your group project or you can select another firm. The advantages of using the same firm as the midterm: Some work is done. The disadvantages: there will be other people potentially doing that firm and your work will inevitably be compared to theirs… In any case, you are encouraged to select a firm that is of interest to you – it will make your work more meaningful. I recognize that this is not a class in valuation so most of the focus on grading will be on your analysis: specifically, how you tie the strategy of the business and the financials together and how you use that information to prepare pro-forma financial statements.
2.Some of you have requested that I reaffirm the instructions for the final project
In many ways it should look like the Inventure Foods report I showed you(SNAK). This report can be found at It should be 8 to 10 pages and it should have at a minimum a three year projection of the balance sheet and statement of cash flow’s and income statement. It should have a valuation of the firm using the capital asset pricing model to calculate the discount rate. It should make certain that the analysis of the historical numbers is tied to the forward-looking numbers through the firms strategy. Please document how your analysis ties to your valuation and discuss your valuation vs the current stock price. If they are wildly different, please discuss what might account for the difference… bonus points can be gained having a strong calculation of beta and discussion of appropriate time horizons to calculate/project beta and why.

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