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Preparation and Strategies playlists

Browse the Career webinars in the Career Day and Job Search: Preparation and Strategies playlists. Choose a webinar that you feel most closely
relates to your experiences or goals Then, take a look at the list of available concentrations in the BA.GST degree located in the module resources. You will be
declaring your concentration in Module Five, so it is a good time to begin thinking about what concentration(s) align with your goals and prior learning.
After viewing your chosen webinar and scanning the list of concentrations, you will write a short, 1- to 2-page reflection about what you learned. Specifically, the
following critical elements must be addressed:
 Describe what SNHU Career webinar you viewed and what the webinar was about. What webinar content did you find the most interesting or
useful? What is one idea from the webinar that relates to any of your goals or prior experiences?
 Reflect on what you learned in the webinar. Did this information give you some ideas for short-term goals in your personal or professional life? How
do you think these ideas might be relevant right now as you work to complete the BA.GST?
 Finally, outline two to three concentrations you reviewed that you think may help you achieve your goals and briefly explain why. You are not
committing to these concentrations yet; this is just an opportunity for you to start looking at what is available and what transfer credits you may
already have toward these concentrations. Why did these concentrations stand out to you?