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Preloading on Soil Deposits

The paper will talk about p reloading on soil deposits
1-Introduction: Introduce the topic (preloading on soil deposits), what are the paper will talk about and why this topic is chosen.
2- the scope of work
3- Method used
4- case study/ results: what studies are done on this topic. Choose 2 studies that talks about preloading on the soil. what are the benefits of these study what result are concluded from these study and if there are any equations used, charts, graphs between two things and relationships. (please wite each case study separate)
5- Discussion: the importance of the study and the practical value
6- Conclusions: what are the concluded point from the whole paper
7- recommendations
8- references used

1- please write the paper very well and be very professional because it is a huge paper for my subject in university
2- take into account all what i mentioned above
3- introduction should be not less than 2 pages
4- case study and their results should be written in details and mention all the important point and post the figures that are in the case study
5- discussion should be explain the importance of the studies
6- total pages of paper should not be less than 20 pages

Again, PLEASE write the project very very very well it is very important to me.

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Cloud Computing in Amazon or Sales Force

This is a case study about cloud computing in either Amazon or sales force. 

The Questions

The writer should be able to illustrate the problems that the company faced and lead to them using cloud computing?

How did they implement cloud computing later on?

Explain how the cloud computing was effective. It would be important to explain the entire implementation process and how it’s effects assisted the growth of the company.

What were the results after using cloud computing? Here, you should explain the results and their main benefits.

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