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Predicting Prices of Used Cars (Regression Trees)

The file ToyotaCorolla.csv contains the data on used cars (Toyota Corolla) on sale during late summer of 2004 in the Netherlands.
It has 1436 records containing details on 38 attributes, including Price, Age, Kilometers, HP, and other specifications. The goal is to predict the price of a used Toyota Corolla based on its specifications. (The example in Section 9.7 is a subset of this dataset).
Data Preprocessing. Split the data into training (60%), and validation (40%) datasets.
a. Run a regression tree (RT) with outcome variable Price and predictors Age_08_04, KM, Fuel_Type, HP, Automatic, Doors, Quarterly_Tax, Mfg_Guarantee, Guarantee_Period, Airco, Automatic_Airco, CD_Player, Powered_Windows, Sport_Model, and Tow_Bar. Keep the minimum number of records in a terminal node to 1, maximum number of tree levels to 100, and cp = 0.001, to make the run least
i. Which appear to be the three or four most important car specifications for predicting the car’s price?

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