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Powepoint Presentation

Powepoint Presentation


Bill Equestrian Centre is a riding school. It teaches a diverse range of equestrian sports and disciplines, including natural horsemanship, sidesaddle, horseball, western riding, polo, dressage, show jumping, horse agility, working equitation and stable management.


The Business

Bill Equestrian Centre aims to provide a welcoming and well-equipped yard for riders of all ages and disciplines to enjoy at an affordable price. It has been relatively successful since its establishment in 2010. You have been the Manager of a close-knit team of five staff since its inception; one Yard Supervisor and four Yard Staff. The owners of Bill Equestrian Centre, Phil and his wife, Lily have recently retired and have since taken a more active interest in the management of the operation.


The Scenario

Phil and Lily have conflicting ideas on how the business should be run. You are receiving conflicting instructions, and both have told you that their instructions should take priority.

Staff morale has been deteriorating since the owners returned. Phil and Lily have pressured you into taking on more horses in the hope of driving up profits, but they have not allowed you to increase staff head count. Profits initially increased, but over the last few months you have seen a steady decline. You feel your staff are overworked; the number of hours they are working per week has increased by 10%. Their pay has not been commensurately increased, and you have noticed that the overall quality of horse care has diminished. Two of your team who have always worked well together are now blaming each other for having to stay and work late, both stating that their respective colleagues poor work ethic is the cause. Now one of these employees is often late and sickness absence across your workforce has increased.

You and your staff are paid less than the average market rate for other similar local equine jobs.

You also hear from friends that local animal welfare activists have raised concerns on social media, indicating that they feel the horses at Bill Equestrian Centre are poorly treated. This story has been picked up by the local newspaper.



Produce a PowerPoint presentation addressing the following questions relating to Bill Equestrian Centre:

  1. Socio-cultural, technological, economic, environmental, political, legal and ethical (STEEPLE or PESTLE) factors all have an impact on equestrian businesses. Please provide a brief overview of how these external factors could affect (both positively or negatively) Bill Equestrian Centre now or in the future.
  2. How would you manage the conflicting priorities and instructions coming from Phil and Lily?
  3. Given that you and your staff are paid less than market average, what low cost measures could you put in place to aid staff retention, recruitment and morale.
  4. Given the increase in horse numbers and the fact that your staff are unhappy working longer hours, what could you and your workforce do to try and work more efficiently?
  5. The local newspaper wants to interview you regarding reports of animal mistreatment. What do you do?
  6. In response to the recent bad PR, what can you do to ensure your customers are retained and your hard-earned reputation remains intact.


Your presentation should last no more than 20 minutes and use no more than 7 slides.