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Positive and Negative Punishment

Explain what is meant by positive and negative punishment and provide examples of each from your own environment or experience. Discuss some potential side effects of using punishment procedures. Identify the ethical issues to be considered when using punishment as an intervention and explain the guidelines for using punishment. Add work cited 2nd question: Turning a Vision Into Reality Throughout the course, you worked toward transforming your passions and interests in psychology into a vision and plan for contributing to your specialized field in psychology. Imagine yourself years from now after you have realized many of the goals in your plan. For your initial post, write a scenario of what your practice will look like, including your thoughts on the following questions: • What strategies will you be using to support your clients? • How will you remain current with evidence-related practices that are evolving in the field? • What additional contributions do you see yourself making to advance your specialty area? • What contributions you will make to the larger community? Remember to use scholarly research to support your thoughts. These should include discussion of your readings from the Career Paths in Psychology text. Which chapters did you choose? What were the main takeaways?

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