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Portfolio Project Bibliography

Portfolio Project Bibliography

The instructions below to respond to each post.

Select a posted scenario and indicate the assessment you would choose for this child at this point in time.

Explain the following:

Why this is the best assessment for this child

What information this assessment will provide

Support your rationale with research.

Try to choose a scenario that has not already been addressed by another peer. Indicate how you would determine if these assessments are culturally responsive?

Note: Cite your research and provide appropriate references in APA format to substantiate your thinking.


Post 1: Kalani is a 4 year-old boy.  He moved from Hawaii six months ago.  He is very quiet and doesn’t talk much at all and when he does it is one or two words.  He does not join in large group activities and likes to go off and sit by himself in the library area.   Kalani loves legos and building. He has a very hard time sharing and when he does not get his way he often gets very angry and yells, hits and screams.  He doesn’t know how to hold a writing utensil and can’t write his name. He can identify the letters of the alphabet, colors and numbers by pointing at them.  The teacher would like to refer him for an evaluation for special education services but both the parents are very against this. They don’t want him to be labeled.  There are 20 children in his classroom. It is a half day and runs 3 ½ hours. His teacher is organized with very clear expectations for the students. She has a good relationship with the family but has to call them quite often to let them know about difficult behaviors in the classroom.  How would you get the parents on board with moving forward with the assessment? How could you get Kaliani interested in other activities in the classroom besides building and legos?


Post 2: adie, a four-year-old Hispanic female moves in the class one month ago.   Sadie lives in a two-parent household. His mother is a home-maker, while her father works at the local Dominos.  Sadie is currently the only child but her mother is expecting to have another little girl in a few weeks. Since Sadie has entered the classroom, she has been involved in several incidents where she has bit other children and has even hit a teacher.  The teacher wants to provide support to Sadie. An assessment would allow the teacher to gather data to support Saide (Ebbeck, Teo, Tan, & Goh, 2014). One purpose of an assessment is to determine the instructional or therapeutic needs of a child (Banerjee & Luckner, 2013).  What type of assessment would be most beneficial and appropriate for the teacher to use to help Sadie?