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Portfolio Entry for Genes, Culture and Gender

Portfolio Entry for Genes, Culture and Gender

Paper details:

Find a popular media clipping on any topic within this chapter. Popular media include pop magazines, TV shows, movies, comedies, comics, cartoons, advertisements, editorial columns and newspaper articles. Popular media does NOT include Psychology Today articles, or any edited book, Psychology journals or periodicals.

Copy and paste that ad, article, cartoon, comic, or a video still of the video you are using into a Word doc.

Include your reference/source.

Below the media clipping, write a brief commentary on how it relates to the topic as it was discussed on the powerpoint or in the textbook. Your commentary should explicitly identify the concept you chose (e.g., Self-serving bias), what the concept entails, and an explicit connection between the media clipping and the topic (e.g., this cartoon demonstrates self-serving bias because…).

Put together in a single Word doc and upload as a file. Your name MUST be included in the file name.

Note. If you just provide a link to your media source and do not copy and paste the ad/cartoon/video, etc. it into a Word doc, you will lose points.

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