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Political views

The Term Essay consists of 4-6 pages essay (double-spaced), where you will have the opportunity to apply the
theories learned in class. In the essay, you should use and compare two philosophers learned this semester
(Plato, Aristotle, Livy, Aquinas, Locke, Rousseau, Burke and Kant). In your comparison, you should describe
the main points of their ideas/theory and discuss their main issues of agreement and/or disagreement. You
should discuss how their ideas shape our present understanding of politics and discuss some of the following
questions: a) How their ideas about justice influence us today? b) How their concept of the best form of
government influences our political organization? c) How is the concept of natural law and natural rights
embodied in the American Bill of Rights? d) How the idea of Republicanism influenced the Founding Father
and the Constitution? e) How the idea of limited government and democracy evolved throughout human
history? f) Why is the idea of private property important for your authors? And other issues related to our
present political situation.