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Political science/international relations homework help

Political science/international relations homework help

I’m asking for at least one page each on these questions for free. I know they’re super hard and I would pay but I’m so broke right now…… whoever does this for me I will be so grateful….. and there’s so much time to do it…. I have until next Monday to turn it in

How have global economic institutions (e.g. IMF, WB, and WTO) been influenced by American values? Why have developing countries found it so difficult to adopt the neo-liberal economic model? Is the neo-liberal model universal, or does its success depend upon state level factors (e.g. culture, values, regime type, etc.)?

Why have human rights laws/norms expanded so much in the last half-century? What have been the major areas of contention regarding human rights? How has cultural context shaped different states’ understanding of human rights?

How can states’ domestic politics be shaped by their interactions with other states or international actors (e.g. NGOs/TANs, MNCs, IOs, etc.)? What is the nature of this influence (e.g. material capabilities or ideas) and which factors are most important?

Since the end of WWII, and in particular since the end of the Cold War, there has been a decrease in interstate wars (between states) and a noticeable increase in intrastate wars (within states). Why has this been the case?

In regards to environmental challenges, why have states been able to address some issues easily (e.g. the elimination of chlorofluorocarbons “CFCs” or engine oil dumping on the high seas), while others (e.g. climate change) have been extremely difficult? How have state’s domestic interests contributed to these successes and failures?

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