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Political Action Letter

Be sure to carry out an analysis of the current legislative issues, that have been posted in reputable websites such as American Nursing Association

Demonstrate involvement in political activities by selecting and completing the following assignment

write a legislator

Identify a current legislative issue that is importance to nursing, must be a current legislation and law that has not been passed yet

Research the issue and describe the facts

I write this letter to appeal my academic dismissal from Ashford University.

My name is Lorraine Bailey, a former Ashford University student of registration no. [] and pursuing a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. I take full responsibility for my poor academic performance and commit to bettering it if given a second chance into pursuing my dream.

While I take responsibility, I would like to let you know that the performance I registered never reflected the least of my academic ability. I am a hardworking student who has excelled throughout my academic journey and was merely victimized by extraordinary circumstances. At the time of my admission, I was a single mother to two foster sons to whom I acted as a sole therapeutic foster. I spent a lot of time with them and showered them with immense love. I was sure of their respect and morality. With this, and my hardworking nature I knew that I had the ability to balance between school and parenthood.

For the first two weeks of my education, things went well both at home and in the University. Hell broke loose when I noted, two weeks into my admission that one of my foster sons had used the space I offered them to get into drugs. He would not only leave the house at night to get the drugs, but would also physically abuse the other foster son. This revelation nearly shut me down. My other foster son was also very affected. I got stressed without knowing and ended up not concentrating on my studies. The boy who abused drugs was eventually removed from my home and hospitalized.

Since I always had a dream to complete my Master’s degree at Ashford University, complete with timelines, I felt it would be cowardice to halt my studies, not even by taking leave of absence. I, thus, committed to continue, amidst the circumstances. I think I would have helped, if I shared my predicament with my professors. That, however, is inconsequential since the bean is already spilt.

The dismissal was a blessing in disguise. It gave me time to reflect on my life and fix my home. I now have one foster son that functions on a higher level. My foster agency has supplied me with more support to ensure his success in my home. Currently he has a therapist that sees him once a week. My family consultant now makes weekly visits instead of biweekly visits, to ensure that things are running smoothly in the home. They have also supplied me with a behavior aid that is responsible for taking him out into the community and working on any negative behaviors he may be exhibiting. I realized that having two therapeutic foster sons was too much for me to handle, and from now on I will only do one at a time.

It is my plea that you help me achieve my dream: the dream that I thought I was protecting when I forced myself through the course; the dream that is nearly dying because of the victimization of circumstance.  Help me out by reinstating me into Ashford University.