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Policy Research

Policy Research
Paper details:

Each student will complete a Policy Research Paper, using APA format. This paper is about analyzing a policy and logically presenting the various facets, nuances, and implications of the policy in an objective fashion that provides evidence of Understanding . The project involves the identification, discussion and analysis of a public administration policy issue. The policy identified by the student, can be a statewide or national policy issue (i.e. use of eminent domain, or the use of faith based organizations to carry out governmental objectives) or local issue (i.e. a local city or county instituting an ethics ordinance). Also
The Policy Research Paper will be 5-8 pages in length, with a minimum of four (4) scholarly/authoritative references. Make sure that you use citations in the body of your paper.
The research paper should address the issue from a public policy or public administration perspective. It should discuss the following general area:

Describe the policy.
The history or background of the policy.
Describe the known alternatives to the policy.
Describe the different positions that stakeholders have taken relating to the policy and why they hold these positions.
Describe the positive and negative aspects of the policy and alternative policies.
What effects could this policy have on public administration in the future?
What are your conclusions or observations?
Suggested Policy Topics (but not limited to):

Ethics and values statements or ordinances
Use of eminent domain
Contracting out or privatizing government operations
Use of TQM, MBO or similar methods in public agencies
oucher systems/ charter schools / privatizing public education
Faith based services
Pay for performance for public employees
Performance measurement strategies

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