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Policy and Practice As noted in Understanding Health Policy

Policy and Practice As noted in Understanding Health Policy, “policies tend to evolve in a cyclical process of finding solutions that create new problems that require new solutions,” (p. 205). The tensions created by the pulls between quality care and cost containment, for instance, or between caring for the individual and concern with the common good, arise as new policies are introduced at all levels: national, state, local, and institutional. When this occurs, new procedures may need to be implemented in the practice setting. This week, you will reflect on the implications of health care policies for consumers and health care providers. You will also consider the reciprocal relationship between policy and practice as you explore how policy influences nursing practice and how evidence-based nursing practice influences policy. Additionally, you will propose a strategy for how nurses can advocate for themselves, their patients, and the profession through involvement in health care policy. Note: This week you will complete the Discussion in a small group. Your instructor will notify you of your group assignment by Day 1 of this week. Learning Objectives Students will: Assess the implications of various policy options and solutions to consumers of health care and nursing practice Outline current evidence that supports suggested options and solutions to a policy issue Propose an advocacy strategy nurses may employ to address a practice issue through the policy process Learning