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Planning for teaching and learning in senior secondary subjects

Teachers plan units of work and assessment to align with senior syllabus subject requirements .The curriculum framework (syllabus) informs the development of senior subject programs. This task requires you to utilise the 2019 QCAA Year 11 and 12 General or Applied syllabus for your major teaching area (or other curriculum framework applicable to your Year 11 and 12 subject area) to develop a unit of work for a full school term (taken to be 8 weeks or 25-27hrs) using an appropriate teaching and learning plan template for the syllabus/curriculum framework. In addition, you are required to develop a lesson plan for three sequential lessons from the planned term that demonstrate how key knowledge and skills for the term of work will be taught. The final component of the task is to provide a justification for the decisions you made in the construction of the term plan of work, assessment task/s, lesson plans and chosen resources using scholarly and authoritative sources.

To complete the task you will need to:

Select a 2019 QCAA General syllabus (or similar curriculum document for your state or territory) for your major Year 11 and 12 teaching area. Identify the unit objectives and subject matter organisation .
Identify the assessment requirements – techniques, marking criteria/standards that will be used to assess student achievement.
Select a term in either Year 11 or Year 12 that you will plan and prepare to teach.
Develop a plan for the school term (8 weeks or 25-27hrs, excluding public holidays, exam blocks and other interruptions to school routines).
Create lesson plans for three sequential lessons from the term plan.
Justify the decisions made in preparing the term of work, and lesson plans using appropriate and scholarly references. The justification should also explain how the learning experiences outlined in the unit will engage and meet the learning needs of students you would expect in your senior class, how you will address literacy and numeracy requirements, and use ICTs in a safe, responsible and ethical way.