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Pillow method

Pillow method
Paper details:

Read pages 104-109 thoroughly. See Skill Building on p. 107. Apply the Pillow Method to an interpersonal issue which has recently affected you. You must be directly involved, and not just an observer. As the exercise says in Part 1, you can actually do the exercise with a person. If you do, write that in your introduction. Choose an example that has a high level of meaning for you.
The main thing with this exercise is not to rush through it. Describe your thoughts and feelings at each position on the pillow. See the video link in the previous section for a specific example of its use. To write your paper, follow the examples on p. 107 with the sections clearly identified: Give a background and all 5 positions clearly described. Use pp. 108-109 as the template for writing out your assignment.
Write out your answer in the first person.
When you finish writing the 5 positions, tell your reaction to having done the assignment.
Submit a Word document.

(There is a link below to a video “Planning a Wedding,” which exemplifies this method. In your book, the authors also use a transcript from “My Father and Facebook.”)
In addition, you can search YouTube to find some examples of using the Pillow Method by students in similar communication classes to ours across the country. Just do a search of “Pillow Method” to find them. If you want an alternative to this written assignment, you can create a similar YouTube video to submit to me here for this assignment. If you know how and want to do it, it is an option.)
The minimum number of words is a 300.

• Video: Pillow Method: Planning a Wedding (4:07 min.)
This is a short video (4:07 min) demonstrating the Pillow Method. The transcript is on pp. 108-109 of your text. There is another example of using the Pillow Method on p. 108 called “My Father and Facebook.” These examples might help you to understand the structure of the Pillow Method before you do one of your written assignments for this Module.

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