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“Pie in the sky”

Case write-ups are required for every case discussed in this class. Each will focus on a broad range of marketing problems related to topics we will discuss in class, as well as many that you may experience in your careers. Remember that you are being assessed on the quality of the answers that you provide to questions asked during class. Performing these quick case write-ups will help you to properly prepare.


The key to performing a good case write-up is to ground your analyses and recommendations on sound strategic principles: take what you learned from the readings and apply it to the analysis of the case. You must be able to justify your position, not just recommend a position. Cases should be a minimum of 200 words in APA style and include two additional citations to justify your recommendation.

Your write-up is to be broken into three distinct parts (please provide headings for each part):

1. Problem summary (1-2 concise sentences summarizing problem)
2. Analysis of problem (Expand upon multiple facets of problem)
3. Recommendations (Build upon any data analysis you may need to do to outline feasible recommendations, using facts from the case.)