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PICO and Literature Search Assignment

PICO and Literature Search Assignment


Purpose: PICO questions are used by researchers to focus research questions and develop an efficient literature search strategy.  It is essential the future nurses learn how to do this to develop evidenced-based solutions to patient care problems in a healthcare organization.


Assessment:  This assignment is worth 80 points and represents 20% of the total course grade.  Graded according to the rubric at the end of this document.




Write three nursing-related PICO questions.  Use the templates in the EBP Step by Step 3 article (attached) to help create your questions.


Identify the PICO elements for each question.


Develop a search strategy using at least 3 keywords from the P, I, and O parts of your PICO, 1 synonym for one of the keywords, and 1 MeSH term for one of your keywords.


Using any one of your three PICO questions and the search strategy for it, locate 4 articles that help answer your PICO question.  The articles must meet the following requirements


must be primary source quantitative research articles.   Nursing journals


the population studied, issues/intervention of interest, and outcomes measured in the article should match the P, I, and O of your PICO question.


No article can be older than 2015.



On a Word document, write each PICO question as a sentence, identify the P, I, C, and O for each question, and list the search terms (3 keywords, 1 synonym, 1 MeSH term) for each. Please use the template attached to this assignment.


Highlight the PICO question for which you selected articles in Step 4 of these instructions.


Provide APA references for your selected articles from Step 4 of these instructions.


Name each document (one Word doc and 4 article pdfs) as follows and upload to the appropriate submission folder in Brightspace.:


Lastname PICO,


Lastname article 1


Lastname article 2


Lastname article 3


Lastname article 4