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The movie was intended to bring to the knowledge of the society the implications of climate change to them. Inside the movie, remedial actions are suggested that can help to intercept such situations that impact the climate negatively. According to the director Gore, aspects of climate change are very critical such that they need to be quickly acted upon. The paper is going to examine some of the statements he makes as he gives the presentation of the science. The movie of course must have some flaws. The documentary will be examined in the light of these two positions as the details of the movie are expressed.

Al Gore has done case studies on the negative impacts global warming has contributed to the environment. To reiterate this further, it is a wakeup call for individuals to prepare for the future with climate in mind. Individuals cutting across all age groups should be mindful about what they do in the environment. Everything that will conserve the environment or rather leave it better than the way it was found would be worthwhile. Gore has validated his comments with graphs and relevant statistics so that the truth can bedifferentiated from fiction. He gives evidences of dreadful effects pollution has on earth.Though it is true we need be mindful about the damage of our planet, Gore has exaggerated on the some of the immediate actions that should be taken that. In fact, he makes the future more scary.

Global warming does exist as Gore has stated it in the movie. He has distinctively represented this by use of graphs and statements that left many in awe. In effect, he stated in the movie that the first ten hottest years in history that has ever occurred did happen in the past fifteen years. The hottest year on record was in 2005. These facts that Gore stated are true according to the statistics on the global records. This makes it predominantly warmer on the subsequent years to come. If remedial actions considered, then such projections can be altered.

As Gore explains in the movie, temperature increase is a result of concentration of carbon(IV)oxide that is allowed to the atmosphere.  The carbon(IV)oxide traps a lot of heat in the stratosphere that heats up the atmosphere causing global warming.He suggests that the machineries that people use contemporarily release fossil fuels to the atmosphere. The persistent exposure of the atmosphere to these harmful gases is really a threat. They quickly destroy the ozone layer which will be more disastrous to the environment even in the future.

            Gore gives an example of Katrina which has occurred lately. Events of hurricanes has happened in the recent years that are likely to continue even in the near future. The scenarios affect the weather adversely. Statements that Gore make about the hurricanes that passed over to the Gulf of Mexico are true. The hurricanes became very powerful such that they hit New Orleans. He gives his suggestion about Kyoto Protocol. He gives his opinions on what ought to be done to moderate the impact of such hurricanes to the environment. The pollution to the environment is put under control.

            In conclusion, the movie is very essential in sending an alarm to the whole world on their approach to the environment. Global warming is a major issue that need to be addressed at an international level because of its vast nature. It is necessary to have everyone informed and responsible about his or her environment. Every deviant behavior in the line of not using the resources provided in the environment inthe right way may bring a lot of consequences to the environment. Thus, the movie is very instrumental in initiating responsibility in our day to day living.

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