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Physician Responsibilities"Respond with one page per question

Physician Responsibilities”Respond with one page per question
During a hospital in-patient stay, explain how and when a contract is legally terminated between the physician and the patient. Determine what the physician’s duties will be following the termination of the relationship with the patient. As an administrator, identify what steps you would take to ensure the patients are aware of the legal aspect of the relationship.

Explain when a physician may become susceptible to legal action due to strict liability versus negligence.

A Breach of Contract”Respond with one page per question
A patient was given a medication by an unfamiliar physician that caused a severe reaction. This physician was covering for the physician who normally treated the patient. Analyze why a case alleging a breach of contract might be easier to prove than a standard case alleging negligence in a hospital setting.
Justify why a physician who uses a procedure that is different from one he or she promised to use may be liable for breach of contract. Assess how such an action places a medical facility at risk and what the facility can do to protect itself.

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