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Phosphorus fertilisers

Phosphorus fertilisers
GRNS500 Phosphorus fertilisers

Fertiliser placement and timing is one of the many areas in which research is trying to improve the productivity of crop systems. This assignment is intended to let you improve your understanding of phosphorus fertiliser management.

a) Discuss each of the following P placement strategies and their role in a cropping system or area you are interested in.
– foliar application,
– placement with seed, and
– deep placement.

Points to consider may include the likely crop response, efficiency of P uptake, long term effectiveness and sustainability, cost, soil type, growing region etc.
b) Compare alternative sources of soil applied phosphorus fertilizer options available (eg. manure, fluid) to granular phosphorus fertilisers. Points to consider may include cost, application, nutrients applied etc.

c) Explain the phosphorus buffering index and how it would influence your phosphorus rate and phosphorus placement recommendations.

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