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Philosophy Essay

Paper details:
Write answers to both of the essay questions below. Write as many double-spaced pages as it takes you to answer the questions sufficiently. The minimum
requirement is 1,000 words for each question. A good example of a 1,000-word academic book review may be found here:
Essay Question 1: Write a book review of Douglas Rushkoff, Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus, and be sure to evaluate his concrete recommendations for
how we could reprogram our economic operating system. Does the example of Fairphone demonstrate how a better way of doing business is possible? (For
more information, please watch: and )What concrete ethical steps would be the best ways
to shrink the inequality gap between rich and poor? (Please discuss this point with reference to the visual illustration, “Wealth shown to scale”:
Essay Question 2: Write an essay responding to the ideas in Charles Camosy’s article, “The Next Big Picture in Bioethics”:
<>. Evaluate in detail how well the seven principles of Camosy’s “Consistent Life
Ethic” (CLE) from his book Resisting Throwaway Culture are applied by him to the ethical issues he discusses in his article. (For more information, please
watch: < and