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petroleum engineering department production

Paper details:
its under petroleum engineering department production engineering class. please refer the uploaded material to work on the problem. it is very time sensitive, it must be completed with in 24 hours.

Question 1:
In a table, list basic lithologic situations – i.e., clean sandstone, limey sandstone, dolomitic sandstone, sandy limestone AND MORE – For each, indicate the type of acid system that you would select and speculate on treatment volumes and/or precautions, if any.
Question 2:
Summarize (not more than one page) the basic diversion technologies that we have available. Method, generic procedures, advantages and disadvantages.
Question 3:
Suggest a possible acid schedule for a clean limestone, in a zone that is twenty feet thick, at a temperature of 120°F, at a depth of 5,000 feet. This zone has been on production for 2 years and the production has tapered offer.
Question 4:
Summarize the stages of mud acid reactions on a formation. Consider various scenarios – sandstone with less than 10% carbonate present, sandstone with substantial iron present …

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