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Persuasive Speech Outline

Objective: To construct a well-written persuasive presentation following the criteria below and effectively presenting to an audience consisting of at least 5 people.  My outline format is a bit more detailed than the book so make sure you employ the items listed on the presentation outline format I provide under assignments.

Topic selection

  1. All topics must be submitted on the discussion board under Topic Approval area. Please put topic in subject line so that your classmates can see what has been chosen. We don’t want any duplicate topics/speeches. Topics will be approved on a first come, first serve basis. You will need to sign up on the discussion board under Persuasive presentations topic approval. Please peruse the list to make sure your topic is not already taken. 
  2. This presentation will cover your main ideas from a self- help book, leadership or motivational book, or TedTalk you have read or seen. (If you have not read one you will need to choose one and read it or listen to audible, youtube or whatever format fits your schedule). Choose which aspects of the book you would like to tell us about. Don’t feel the need to cover all of the book or video, but specific aspects that are key and can fit into a 4-5 minute speech. You may also want to talk about how you incorporated the principles of this book into your life (if you decided to).For additional support material you may include related materials such as personal interviews, brochures, newspaper articles, magazine articles, etc. Persuade us to follow these effective life strategies from the book. You need to incorporate Monroe’s Motivated Sequence in your outline format and appeal to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.
  3. Think of this persuasive presentation as a motivational speech. You are bringing information to us and inspiring/persuading us to take an action. 

Outline Requirements

  1. This presentation will include a minimum of 2 research sources. These may come from TedTalks, books, youtube broadcasts, academic journals, credible magazines, newspapers, personal interviews, television broadcasts, and valid web sources. Make sure you diversify your sources, particularly when using the web. Be sure to cite your references in the text of your presentation.
  2. The outline is full-sentence as if you were transcribing it for someone else to deliver from the outline. You will write it in full-sentence outline form versus paragraph form so that I can measure your understanding and application of the specific components (i.e. attention getter, credibility statement, transitions, etc.).
  3. Your outline will be about 2 double-spaced pages in length. If delivered this would be 4-5 minute presentation. 
  4. Make sure to write out your sources used and highlight them.


1. Make eye contact with the audience and the camera during your presentation.

  1. The presentation will be 4-5 minutes long. Speeches that run (under) or overtime will be penalized 
  2. The speaker is expected to dress professionally.
  3. The speaker is permitted to use a maximum of two note cards with phrase or word outlines only (full sentence outlines are not to be used on the note cards). No outlines or papers are allowed while speaking other than (2) 3 X 5 note cards as long as you can still present an organized speech. Make sure you look at the camera as it is very obvious when speakers read of cards or don’t make eye contact. A zero will result if you read off of a script, outline or a laptop behind the camera.
  4. The speaker must upload the speech and submit the link by due date, you must also show that you have 5 people in your audience before and after speech with no editing

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