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Persuasive Messages

Persuasive Messages

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This assignment involves a combination of concepts covered in Chapters 7-9 of B&T. You will use business letter formatting and craft a concise, meaningful message suitable for your audience and purpose. Use the indirect approach.


Choose a real business or institution you have received services from (this could be an SJSU-affiliated department or organization if you prefer). You will be writing from the perspective of a consumer/customer or student. Locate a direct contact person (manager) to address the letter to (include the full contact info). For the purpose of your message, choose either:

A situation where you experienced something negative and are now seeking amendment (it helps to document a time frame — i.e., date when something happened)

A suggestion you’d like to make to the business or institution — one which could enhance, improve, or increase business
The context is up to you, but instead of creating a dramatic backstory (or using cliché — e.g., there was a fly in my soup), I recommend drawing from real experience whether or not you would actually send this message. Consider your purpose and audience carefully. Be aware of tone and what it is that you are actually asking for — a response from management, a direct action, or…? It needs to be clear what type of “result” you are actually seeking. Look at a few local reviews for “inspiration,” but keep in mind that you are not writing a Yelp review.

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