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Perspectives on enlightenment in Bhudism

World Religions class.
I) Style and Format
The paper should be typed and doubled spaced, with one inch margins on each side, and contain consecutive page numbers at the top or bottom of each page. Please begin by describing what your topic is about and spend several paragraphs discussing it. All papers should contain a clear introduction and conclusion, apart from what you include in the body of your text. Do not summarize what is already contained in the chapters or my lecture slides, select a focused topic to explore and put things in your own words. This is not a research paper. I am interested in assessing your engagement, originality, and critical assessment of some topic that interests you.

II) Paper Length
The paper should run approximately 3 or 4 pages, keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity. Avoid roundabout discussions simply for the sake of filling up space.

III) Citation and Sources
The material you discuss will likely come from the textbook or my slides. Since you will borrow ideas from the readings (or my slides), you must cite the relevant pages where those ideas come from, not doing so amounts to plagiarism. To cite, simply use parenthetical notations like this: (Esposito et al., 55) when using the book or (Romaya, Ch. 4 Slide 6) when referring to my lecture slides. A bibliography is not needed and outside sources are not needed. You may use direct quotes but try to avoid them, instead be clear and put things in your own words. A direct quote copies material from another source word for word and looks like this: “St. Augustine helped to transform the Empire.” If you’re including a direct quote, be sure you tell me where it comes from.

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