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Personality Traits and Personality Tests

One area of controversy is how well you can accurately assess the personalities of employees or potential
employees. One popular way is through various assessment tools, such as questionnaires.
For your first post, address the following items:
Identify a personality test that you have not taken yet in this course. (You can use the link provided in your
textbook,, to take a personality test.)
Take the test and then compare your findings with the PsychCentral form of an MBTI test taken in the Module 1
What characteristics are measured in each of the two tests you took in Module 1?
Next, identify a third personality characteristics test and discuss the differences in its areas of measurement
with the new test you took for this discussion assignment.
Also, provide the link to the test from the text or the one you found in case any of your classmates want to use
For your second and third posts, compare your results with those of your classmates, and try to find a
classmate with opposite traits from yours as well as one with very similar traits.
Additional Key Elements of the Assignment: Your Initial Post should occur in a timely manner (by the third day
of the module for full timeliness points). Include the original questions along with your initial, informative post.
Support your post with information from at least one high-quality peer-reviewed academic reference and
provide the complete source information (so that your peers can find the article if they wish). A high-quality
reference is found in the Trident Online Library in academically peer-reviewed journals and text books. Utilize
your own personal experiences, as applicable.
Note: A URL (website address) is NOT a reference. A reference always contains four parts: author, publication
date, article title, and the source of the article. Sometimes there is no author, but the APA manual tells you
what you can put in that spot instead. The source for a high-quality peer-reviewed journal article is the journal.
Your Subsequent Posts: Read through responses by peers and post responses to at least two classmates’
posts. Introduce ideas/comments and/or research not mentioned yet.
Remember: To receive full credit in this forum, you need to post a minimum of three quality posts (your own
initial post, and responses to two classmates). Only one outside source is needed (in the initial post). But in
any post, if you borrow ideas/information from other authors, give them credit for their work.
STUDENT RESPONSE-Ishmael Dixon posted- please reply to the below post by using a separate paragraph.
Good Evening Class,
The first test that i took was the Big 5 project personality test. The test measures an individual in 5 respective
areas to include open/close minded, Conscientious, extrovert/introvert, agreeability, and nervous/calm. The
second test that i took was the psych central personality test. This test explored similar characteristics of the
big 5 with only two sections being different. The Psych central test also tested ones motivation and emotions.
The results of both test were similar. The results of the big 5 tests said that i very open minded, conscientious,
an extrovert, agreeable, and generally relaxed when it comes to emotions. The Psych Central test suggests
that i am an extrovert, agreeable, conscientious, moderately neurotic, and open to try new things.
The third test that I took is called the personality perfect test. This test gave me results in six areas to include
natural born leader, extrovert, project oriented, logical, perfectionist, and well developed communication skills.
This test differs from the others as it also includes leadership and perfectionist tendencies. The link for the test
can be found here
I have noticed that all the test results were relatable to the next. all test are looking for traits or how one thinks,
team work ability, innovative/traditional, organization, and emotional effect on decision making.