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Personal Theory Analysis

Personal and Professional Theory Analysis Paper: Finding what is personal and heartfelt in your profession is the core of this project. Here are the points you will address critically and thoroughly within the theory analysis. Select a theory from those identified in the course textbook. Discuss each of the following points:

1. Provide e a full range defense of the theory you have chosen. Include the following:
a. The assumptions and implications of your theory. Identify assumptions and contrast and compare to one other theory. What is the vision for a good/healthy life, for example:What is considered normal or abnormal?
b. As a social worker, what are methods within the theory that are to be applied during the helping process? How do people change in your theory?
c. How do relationships fit into your chosen theory? These relationships include family members, friends, and with the therapist.
d. What are considered opportunities to apply your theory?
⎯ Argue for and analyze limitations: provide example of the approach both when working well and example of when it is not appropriate
e. What place in your theory is there for spirituality?
f. How does this theory address issues of social justice?
g. Identify limitations or issues pertaining to cultural competencies.
h. What are the reasons you chose this theory as the focus of your paper?