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Personal Statement/Essay

Personal Statement/Essay


Tell us about your decision to pursue a graduate degree at the Kogod School of Business. Please be sure to answer each of the following:

  • How does this (Master of Science in Real Estate) degree or certificate help you to achieve both your short-term and long-term goals?
  • What skills will you combine with this degree to achieve them?

We suggest a length of approximately 750 words.


Website: – will help with any research you need to do about the school


Message to writer – – I have provided some background knowledge of why I want to go into Real Estate, but you can work around it and make it sound better, or come up with something more flattering, and determine some great skills to speak about and the goals I hope to achieve:


In 2018, during his appearance on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Kobe Bryant described how fans would declare that he and Vanessa should have a son to carry on his legacy and his daughter Gianna would exclaim, “Oy, I got this”. Like her, I feel the same, that my father doesn’t need a son to carry on his legacy. Known to people as a respected real estate mogul in Botswana to me my father has always been my idol and following in his footsteps comes naturally, in fact, my goal is to do better, to do more.


I want to carry on my father’s legacy in property development/real estate in Botswana. My father left his job as CEO of Botswana Insurance Fund Management to start his own businesses. The wealth management company he started assists firms in realizing wealth in property and land, by developing apartment complexes, malls and hotels for them. While I could learn the family business from right under my father, he strongly believes that higher education is very important and that no one in Botswana can take me seriously without the credentials that will make them listen to you in the first place. This is why I am applying to the MS in Real Estate program at American University and the Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. Getting through either one of these programs will not be determined by whether I did well in college or not, or if I started a career in Real Estate after college or not, but rather my determination for our family name to continue to be one of the biggest names in property development/real estate in Botswana. Furthermore, I am determined to continue what my father started because not only am I my father’s daughter, but if not me then who?
My journey to discover what I am meant to do with my life, has led me to this very moment. Me writing to you and in need of your recommendation is because, more than anything else, I want to further my education as I have now come to the realization that all along I was somehow meant to be in this field and I can be an asset to the family business. All along when I would watch house renovation shows with my father, and he would take me to construction sites, point out buildings he worked on, and talk to me about his work, he was planting a seed. Neither one of us knew that this day would come. He sent me to the U.S. to figure out what I wanted to do with my own life and yet, God willing, it will all come full circle to where it started on construction sites and driving past buildings together, except this time it will be buildings that WE work(ed) on.